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Avoid this error when choosing a domain name

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Choosing the suitable domain name for your business is critical for any brand.

Besides using a simple and memorable domain name, you should avoid this error.

You shouldn't use HYPHENS in the domain name and here are the reasons why:


  • Using hyphens may negatively affect your brand’s credibility and authority as it may pass as a spam link. Try to use instead a one word domain name ex (amazon.com) (ebay.com) (Shopify.com)
  • hyphenated domain names aren't easily memorable ex (the-best-auction-website-for-selling-coins.com). Using hyphens doesn't guarantee that your users will take their time to type them in search engine queries. They are highly likely not to use them at all. Remember, users want to access information fast and they will definitely not want to remember to have to put hyphens in your domain name.
  • Misspelling a domain name by your customers may result them landing on a competitor’s page or site. 
  • Google simply prefers non-hyphenated versions and prioritize ranking authentic website without hyphens.
  • You may be sued for intellectual property violation


Is there any other reason to not to use hyphens in a domain name ? Do let us know 🙂


Marouane RHAFLI | Admin & co-founder of Blurify
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